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The French Neutron Scattering Association (SFN: Société Française de la Neutronique) is a scientific society that was founded in 1994 to promote neutrons in the scientific community and to federate the French community of neutron scatterers from all scientific fields. This site serves as a space for sharing information on neutron scattering and association members can upload their contributions after logging in with their account.



The Optical and Neutron Spectroscopy subdivision of the Physical Chemistry Division (a joint division of the SCF and SFP) is organizing a series of videoconferences.

The second of the series focuses on Neutron Spectroscopy and Soft Matter. It will take place on Friday 21st May 2021 from 11am to 12pm. The speakers are:

Leonadro Chiappisi (PSCM laboratory, Institut Laue Langevin, Grenoble) On the dynamics of polysaccharide-based multilayered vesicles

Julie Wolanin (Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Physique, Grenoble) Dynamique hétérogène de l'eau nanoconfinée dans un environnement hydrophobe caractérisée par diffusion quasi-elastique de neutrons

Registration (free) is required, click here.

The worskhop New Challenges in Polyelectrolyte Science has been rescheduled as a fully on-line meeting and will be held on 16-17th June 2021. Registration (free of charge) and abstract submission available here.

The next Condensed Matter Days will be held online from August 24 to 27. The list of mini-conferences is available here.

Submission deadline: May 15 for oral presentation, June 1 for poster.

We particularly encourage you to consider the CPR4 Not only neutrons mini-conference.

The next MATERIAUX conference will take place in Lille on 24-28th October 2022 ! For more information, click here.

Following the cancellation of the JDN2020 in Poitiers due to the current health crisis, we organised a video meeting on Tuesday June 23rd during which the SFN PhD award and news from the French neutron landscape have been presented (see program).

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La Fédération Française de la Diffusion Neutronique a publié sa feuille de route. À consulter et à partager sans modération.

Le document est disponible sous ce lien.

Resolving Segmental Polymer Dynamics in nanocomposites by Incoherent Neutron Spin−Echo Spectroscopy

The structure and dynamic properties of nanocomposites made of hard inorganic filler nanoparticles (NPs) dispersed in a polymeric matrix determine many macroscopic properties (mechanical, optical, electrical…) decisive for applications, like e.g. car tire optimization. In the past, we have contributed to the analysis of the microscopic structure of these disordered systems using small-angle X-ray or neutron scattering combined with appropriate modeling approaches. Here, the segmental dynamics of styrene-butadiene nanocomposites made with silica nanoparticles (ca. 20 vol. %) of industrial relevance has been studied by broadband dielectric (BDS) and neutron spin-echo spectroscopy (NSE). It is shown first by BDS that overlapping contributions only allow concluding on a range of distributions of relaxation times in nanocomposites formed with highly polydisperse NPs. We thus investigate the dynamics by NSE and demonstrate – for the first time – that incoherent NSE based on fully hydrogenated compounds can be used to resolve small modifications of the segmental dynamics of polymer nanocomposites. By carefully choosing the q-vector of the measurement, experiments with fully hydrogenated polymer give access to the self-dynamics of the polymer in the presence of silica on the scale of approximately 1 nm. Our high-resolution measurements show that the segmental motion is slightly but systematically slowed down by the presence of the industrial filler NPs. This slowing down is possibly caused by the confinement of the polymer within dense zones and thus in contact with the NP interface. It is probably correlated with different rheological properties of the polymer close to the NPs, which is turn may affect macroscopic behavior.

Bulletin mensuel d'information

Nous avons le plaisir de vous présenter le bulletin mensuel d'information de la communauté des utilisateurs de la diffusion neutronique, mis en place par la 2FDN en association avec la SFN.

Recent publication

The last publication related to the SFN activities is the volume Neutrons and Biology, edited by S. Combet et G. Schirò, after the school which took place in 2018.

Winner of the SFN PhD Award 2020

The SFN PhD Award 2020 has been attributed to Anastasia Christoulaki (Sorbonne Université) for her work on "Experimental approaches in studying polyelectrolytes inside a porous matrix : the case of nanoporous alumina membranes".